Recommended Product 4 - QuikSand Delta Advanced Fluidized Bed Filter

  • Fluidized bed filters are rapidly becoming the primary source of biological filtration in many modern aquaculture systems, replacing the less efficient trickle filters now in service.
  • While trickle filters and fluidized beds both rely upon the same species of bacteria for ammonia and nitrite removal, it's how the two filters operate that sets them apart.
  • It's very helpful to remember that in biological filtration, it's actually the bacteria that do the work; the filter itself only provides a suitable "home" for the bacteria to colonize.
  • Trickle filters can best be described as open containers filled with various forms of solid media.
  • As water enters the top of the filter, it drains down through this media in a random, cascading fashion.
  • Since the media is stationary, it relies upon the changing water currents to keep the bacterial surface area moist.
  • Fluidized bed filters, on the other hand, are flooded cylinders or tanks, partially filled with a granular media, such as white quartz.
  • Water upflows through this media bed, causing it to expand and fluidize.
  • The large number of bacteria that colonize this expanded media serve to remove the nutrients that are present in the flowing water.
  • What results is a highly efficient filter bed that is no longer solidly packed, but is in dynamic motion.
  • It is this combination that is the key to our QuikSand Filter's success.
Details can be found HERE


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